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SPIRAL SALAD (40gr / 40gr / 10gr / 30gr / 20gr / 20gr / 40gr)

Carrots and white radish spirals, spinach leaves, broccoli, bacon, fine goat cheese and avocado,mustard and honey vinaigrette L-M

34 lei
RED ANGUS SIGNATURE SALAD (80gr / 80gr / 40gr / 40gr / 20gr / 30gr / 50gr)

Salad mix, beef steak, pepper, cucumber, red onion, orange, Blue Cheese, Red Angus dressing L-M

35 lei
HEALTHY BEET SALAD (120gr / 10gr / 20gr / 10gr / 20gr / 10gr / 30gr)

Red beet salad with ruccola, apples, caramelized walnuts, goat cheese and vinaigrette L-N-M

24 lei
CAESAR SALAD (80gr / 70gr / 30gr / 15gr / 15gr)

Romana salad, Caesar dressing, crispy bacon, parmesan, cherry tomatoes and home made bread croutons L-P-M-O

24 lei
  • Add chicken breast: 33 lei
PERFECT DIET SALAD (30gr / 30gr / 30gr / 90gr / 80gr / 10gr)

Celery, apple, spicy lemon juice, rucola, lollo salad, balsamic T-SD

21 lei
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