Welcome to Red Angus Steakhouse, the authentic American restaurant in the Old Town of Bucharest
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Welcome to Red Angus Steakhouse

Authentic American restaurant situated in the Old Town of Bucharest

Are you looking for a steakhouse, where you can eat the best beefsteak in town?

Red Angus is imported by us from Australia and Uruguay, to be able to live up to the most demanding expectations.

Looking forward to greet you in an authentic American location with LIVE blues and jazz concerts,  in warm atmosphere with friendly staff.

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Exquisite beefsteak, juicy and tender, prepared in superbly delicious courses.

Master Rib Eye Steak

A superb rib eye, a beef cut with marbling that guarantees absolute tenderness and unique flavor, deserves a noble partner, a king of red wines. We recommend  Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that, although rugged at an early age, evolves to maturity with astonishing flavors.

King Arthur's T-Bone

The perfect mix for the sophisticated gourmand. Delicate tenderloin and exquisite sirloin, combined through a savory T shaped bone, meant to guarantee a burst of flavors and a feast for senses. We recommend with a Pinot Noir, a seductive red wine, more delicate than Cabernet, with an intense velvety taste, that compliments this rich beef cut.

Uruguay Tenderloin Steak

The Uruguay tenderloin is a soft, fat free beef cut, with a rich taste. A culinary refinement that only finds its balance in a Cabernet Sauvignon-Carmenere, from the regions of Bordeaux or Chile, fruity, with a taste of blackcurrant and bitter cherries, that evolves into a sweet taste of dark chocolate.

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Whether you are looking for a location to organize corporate or private events, Red Angus Steakhouse is the ideal option. You get: customized packages, tailored to your budget, impeccable service, menus created by Executive Chef Marian Huzu and a great ambience maintained by LIVE blues and jazz concerts.

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