Welcome to Red Angus Steakhouse, the authentic American restaurant in the Old Town of Bucharest
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Welcome to Red Angus Steakhouse

the authentic restaurant which welcomes its guests since 2010 with legendary steaks, original and creative décor, conquering through the classic American symbols and the passion for motorcycles!
Live Jazz & Blues!

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Signature dishes

Exquisite beefsteak, juicy and tender, prepared in superbly delicious courses.

Master Rib eye Dry Aged

Australian rib eye steak, wonderfully marbled, flavored and extremely juicy and tender.

Signature Double Burger

Double juicy beef burger, fresh bread bun with mixed seeds, foie gras, red onion chutney, pesto with aromatic herbs and peanuts, red wine reduction sauce. Served with hand cut French fries.

Signature cocktails

The secret of cocktails resides in the details of balance and structure, we place great amount of emphasis on the ingredients, spices and herbs we use during preparation. Sweet, salty, sour or spicy herbs are all vital instruments in offering an explosion of flavours, smell and pleasure, even to the simplest of classic drinks.

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Book your table and enjoy the uniqueness of our restaurant, delicious dishes and signature cocktails perfectly matched with Live Jazz & Blues

We feel honoured to support local producers and offer you our house wine specially developed by LacertA Winery.

Red Angus Steakhouse

Whether you are looking for a location to organize corporate or private events, Red Angus Steakhouse is the ideal option. You get: customized packages, tailored to your budget, impeccable service, menus created by Executive Chef Marian Huzu and a great ambience maintained by LIVE blues and jazz concerts.

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