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Frequently Asked Questions

Business lunch, special events or wine suggestions and anything you might need to know.

Which is the highest number of persons accepted for reservations?

You can book the full capacity of the place – up to 120 people. For parties larger than 20, we recommend you to contact us and establish a preset menu

Can the restaurant organize theme events (decorations, entertainment, music) on request?

We are happy to oblige for classical events: weddings, baptism, or theme events ? corporate or private.

Can one request a dish that doesn't appear in the menu?

Yes, we can agree on special menus for groups in advance.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcomed only on the terrace, when the weather allows it.

Are there business lunch booths that allow confidential discussions?

Yes, we can provide you with the discretion you desire.

Is there a happy hour or group discount?

Yes, there are the business lunch time, from 12 pm to 3 pm, as well as various group discounts.

What time is the last order for the kitchen?

11:30 pm

Can someone qualified (a somelier) recommend the right type of wine suited for the ordered dishes?

Of course, Red Angus Steakhouse has its own sommelier for dinners. He recommends what type of wine suits each dish, and he can describe the wine’s personality and its features.

Is the restaurant suitable for a family meal?

Yes. Our restaurant welcomes both adults and children. We have children menus, games and coloring drawings ready for you. Also, toddler chairs are available.

I'm on a special diet. Does your menu offer dishes I am allowed to have?

We have dishes that satisfy any diet ? both low calories and vegetarian. The waiter can recommend you what is suitable for your needs.

Should I come to Red Angus just to enjoy a glass of wine, without eating?

Of course, Red Angus welcomes you with a large selection of wines from France, USA, Chile, Italy and Romania.

Cash or credit cards? Do you accept traveler's cheques?

Payment via cash and credit cards (Visa, Maestro, Master Card) is accepted. Amex is not accepted for the moment.

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