The delicious menu at Red Angus Steakhouse, the American style restaurant in Bucharest
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Salads, Burgers, Ribs, certified Angus Steaks from Australia and Uruguay and delicious American recipes

Red Angus Quality

We take pride in every dish we serve to our guests.

The meat is carefully selected from the most reliable producers, matured and then flawlessly prepared to satisfy the most demanding palates. Our cuts are imported from Australia and Uruguay. Their premium quality is certified and can be easily detected in the marbling (those grains of fat that grant tenderness and exquisite taste), having the right level of fat that enriches the flavor, texture and succulence of each meat cut. If you are undecided about what to have, be sure that whatever you choose, you shall enjoy a delicious meal.

Bon appetit!

Choose your favorite cut
Choose your favorite cut
Cooking method

Rare, medium grilled or well done steaks

Rare grilled steak
Rare grilled steak

At 52° C seared and still red 75% through the centre, slightly warm. The outside remains gray-brown.

Medium grilled steak
Medium grilled steak

At 60° C seared outside, 25% pink showing surrounding the center, hot. The outside is grey-brown

Well done steak
Well done steak

At 71° C, 100% grey-brown throughout and slightly charred (not recommended – you cannot taste the real flavour of the meat).

Food and Drinks menu

Food and Drinks menu

At us, like nowhere else

Wine menu

Wine menu

All the best wines from Romania, Italy, Chile, France and California

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