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A100% beef burger made with our secret Red Angus recipe – L-G-E-T-S2

  • Add bacon (30gr): 6 RON
  • Add cheese (20gr): 6 RON
  • Add 1 fried egg: 6 RON
  • Add crispy onion (30gr): 6 RON
32 lei
The Red Angus menu: All-in-one Double Burger
ALL IN DOUBLE BURGER (120gr / 400gr / 60gr)

Red Angus Double Beef Patty, with a mix of spicy tomatoes, onion, pickles, cheese, bacon – L-G-E-T-S2

50 lei
Red Angus menu: Smokey BBQ Bacon Burger
SMOKEY BBQ BACON BURGER (120gr / 200gr / 30gr / 30gr / 50gr)

Red Angus beef patty, Cheddar, crispy onion and bacon, mixed with smokey BBQ sauce – L-G-E-T-S2

42 lei
SIGNATURE BURGER (120gr / 200gr / 50gr / 50gr / 30gr)

Red Angus Burger with Foie Gras, pesto sauce onion gravy, brown sauce – L-G-E-T-S2

60 lei
CAPRESE BURGER (120gr / 150gr / 60gr)

Burger with mozzarella, rucola, tomatoes, hand cut fries – L-G-O-T-S

35 lei
Each burger is served with ketchup and fresh-cut French Fries (200gr / 50gr)
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