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Buther's BBQ Pork Side Ribs
BUTCHER'S BBQ PORK SIDE RIBS (350gr / 50gr / 75gr)

Tender pork side ribs glazed with BBQ sauce, served with coleslaw – G-E-T

52 lei
CHICKEN MUSHROOMS MELT (200gr / 50gr / 50gr)

Chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms and gratin cheese on top, brown sauce – G-L-T

35 lei
CAJUN CHICKEN BREAST (250gr / 220gr / 50gr)

Chicken breast with cajun seasoning, served with mash potatoes and gravy – G-O

34 lei
DISCO FRIES POTATOE (300gr / 60gr / 60gr / 40gr / 30gr)

Hand cut fresh French Fries, tossed with Blue Cheese sauce, bacon, tomatoes and Mozzarella – L

37 lei
MAC AND CHEESE (250gr / 25gr / 25gr)

Penne tossed with Cheddar and Mozzarella – L-G

32 lei
@ Red Angus
PAN ROASTED SALMON (180/130/90gr)

Fried salmon with cheese, broccoli, pepper, pineapple sauce L-P

63 lei
@ Red Angus
SAUTEE SHRIMPS (150/180/60gr)

Sautéed shrimps with garlic and cognac, wild rice with butter C-DS

68 lei
SHRIMPS LINGUINE (180/100/100gr)

Linguine with shrimps, chorizo, tomato sauce, white wine, sweet chilli C-DS

38 lei
Looking forward to seeing you in our restaurant to enjoy together authentic American dishes
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