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Open up your appetite

MARROW BONES (350gr / 30gr / 30gr / 50gr)

Baked juicy beef marrow bones, herbed bread crumbs, red onion in vinegar and home made croutons G *

22 lei
POPCORN SHRIMPS (150gr / 50gr)

Crispy shrimps served with sweet chilly sauce G-O *

49 lei
The Red Angus menu: Red Angus garlic bread
GARLIC BREAD (150gr / 30gr / 20gr / 30gr / 20gr)

Home made bread bun, served with herbs and peanuts pesto, Cheddar, Mozzarella and garlic butter O-L-N-G

18 lei
Red Angus menu: Red Angus Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings served with BBQ sauce L-G-O-T-

31 lei
TENDERLOIN STEAK TARTARE (120gr / 5gr / 20gr / 10gr / 20gr)

Fresh Australian beef tenderloin, capers, pickles, onion, Dijon mustard and croutons, parmesan, quail egg G-L-M-O-P

56 lei
CHICKEN FINGERS (125gr / 200gr / 50gr)

Crispy chicken tenders served with hand cut Fresh Fries and honey mustard sauce O-L-M

24 lei
CRISPY CALAMARI (100gr / 50g)

Crispy calamari rings served with Aioli sauce and lemon O-L-P *

39 lei
29 lei
COLD CUTS PLATE (125gr / 50gr / 50gr / 60gr / 80gr / 25gr / 25gr)

Burrata, Jamon Serrano, rucola, cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes, mixes salami, olives, grissini G-S-L

74 lei

Essential part of a healthy diet

Red Angus menu: Hearty Tomato Soup
TOMATO CREAM SOUP (250gr / 30gr / 30gr)

Tomato cream soup served with crispy onion rings and home made bread S-O-T

17 lei
FRENCH ONION SOUP (250 gr / 50 gr)

Beef broth with caramelized onion and home made bread croutons, with Ementhal L-O-S

21 lei
Come and open up your appetite, with delicious starters and soups, for more authentic American dishes
The Red Angus menu: Crispy calamari
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